Religion in the News, as Viewed from the Moral High Ground of Atheism. These are original stories and articles submitted by our members.

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  1. TGW on 01 Apr 2011 at 11:05am #

    An unfortunately uncritical expulsion of Atheistic principles that never gets down to the core ideas and never makes meaningful, insightful, or even novel claims. There is a vague allusion to atheistic morality, but no elaboration, there is the indefensible claim that religious fanatics are doing nothing good based entirely on the authors’ unwillingness to explore the concept of “doing good.” In short this blog is a compendium of the hypocritical claim atheists have to rationality and morality while they neither face the legitimate concerns involved in “atheistic morality,” nor do they actually follow their rationality through and tackle serious issues in a way that could be seen as rationally legitimate.

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