June 18th 2009

Sharing the tax burden

By Marie Alena Castle
Gov. Pawlenty’s budget cuts affecting local government are certain to require property tax increases to maintain essential services. If this burden is to be shared equitably, perhaps religious institutions, which are exempt from taxes, should be asked to contribute by paying a fee for the city services they receive at no cost. Some clergy have been expressing support for increased taxes in general, so might be agreeable to a service fee. There are churches that have at times voluntarily paid a service fee as a community obligation. Others might do likewise and may only need to be asked. If this were done it might greatly reduce the harmful effects of the Pawlenty budget. As one clergyman wrote in the June 18 Letters column, “Many of us would prefer to have our pocketbooks taxed — not our basic values.” A tax burden shared equitably would uphold those values.


2 Responses to “Sharing the tax burden”

  1. sherry on 12 Feb 2010 at 01:05am #

    The chuch has over 25 % of the land in america and what they don`t pay we have to make up for in our taxes they would go down if the chuches would pay there fare share ,with being such money makers they would help out the american people at a time when some r about to loss our home ,they have spent millions on lobbing r congress to keep there agenda in tact let them use some money to help the people of this county. but they will never step up to the plate,all they know is fear and superstition keeping the lie alive is the most importent thing to them the control of their flock And i truly believe when they do help its all about speading the word and indocternation .

  2. Dave on 06 Sep 2010 at 08:08am #

    I agree that church property should be taxed. I’m fed up with having to pay extra in my property taxes, just so the bible thumpers can get a free ride. How can any educated adult believe in god, is beyond me. The only reason organized religion exist, is to line their pockets with tax free money and to support the lavish life styles of the Bakers of the world.

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