May 2nd 2013

Why the Media Cover Sexuality Stories

By MarieAlena Castle

Mark Jacobson is right that media coverage of human sexuality is “boring and stupid” (letter, May 1, Minneapolis Star Tribune). It really is nobody’s business what anyone’s sexual orientation or activities are as long as no one is hurt and they don’t do it in the street and scare the horses.

The media shouldn’t have to cover this, but they do because the religious right thinks it is their business, not ours. They constantly work for more and stronger laws to force all of us to conform to their fictional, mythical, irrational ideas about sex and sexuality. So the media have to let us know if we are going to be forced to live and even sometimes die by religious beliefs we don’t accept and may even abhor.

Let’s hope the Supreme Court will finally realize they are not there to put harmful dogma-based laws into government but to keep them out. That includes all the unnecessary, stupid and harmful laws we have restricting gay rights, reproductive rights, end-of-life rights, and stem cell research – plusĀ  a lot more that the media would do well to inform us about.

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