September 2nd 2012

The Consequences of Same-Sex Marriage

By MarieAlena Castle

Dr. Kion Hoffman (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2 Sep 12) deplores the consequences if same-sex marriage is approved. He is right; there will be consequences—just as there were consequences when civil rights laws were passed. No doubt there were town clerks who lost their jobs when they refused to marry mixed race couples. No doubt religious charities could no longer provide adoption services when they refused to place mixed race children for adoption. No doubt there were parents distressed when their children were exposed to public classes about racial equality and justice. All because the traditional views about race had been overturned by law. But that is the price some people have to pay when they are no longer allowed to hurt innocent people by forcing their irrational beliefs on others. Just as society has survived and improved in the absence of punitive racist laws, so will it survive in the absence of punitive marriage laws.

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  1. Athiestvoices on 06 Jun 2013 at 02:03pm #

    Even now there are very derogatory remarks left for the “Cheerios” commercial featuring an interracial couple.

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