April 24th 2012

Leviticus in the constitution? Why not Sharia law also?

By MarieAlena Castle

It was good to see the letter from Marcy Brown regarding the Bible and gay marriage because it brings the issue into focus. Yes, the Bible definitely opposes it—and that is precisely why the voters of Minnesota should not. We have a secular constitution that keeps religious dogma and government operations separate, for good reason. It prevents a lot of divisiveness and social chaos (the kind we are suffering from now with the religious right’s politicized extremism). Amending the state constitution by writing the Book of Leviticus into it violates that separation, just as writing Sharia law into it would. From a secular perspective there is no valid reason to oppose same-sex marriage. On the contrary, there are very good secular reasons to legitimize it. Religions that follow the Bible have complete religious freedom to continue to oppose same-sex marriage for their members, but not for everyone else.

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